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About Wonderfeast

WONDERFEAST is the brainchild of Giulia Bernardini, an Italian-American actress and instructor of humanities and art history. Multi-cultural and multi-lingual, her passion for the art, architecture, and literature that she teaches – as for travel and gastronomy – comes from an early desire to understand the nature of the cultures she encountered growing up in various European countries.

Giulia studied art history at Mount Holyoke College and the Courtauld Institute of Art and received her master’s degree in art history from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2006, where she is a Senior Instructor in the Humanities Program. In addition, Giulia is a regular guest lecturer on Italian, French, and early 20th century modern art at the Denver Art Museum (where she has also been known to lead “detours” in the guises of Miss Wasilla’s doppelgänger; Madame Pamplemousse, eighteenth-century French courtesan; and Helga the Art Interpreter, among others). In the summertime, she returns to her native Italy to do research and share her knowledge with Wonderfeast seminar participants and private travelers in Italy.

WONDERFEAST was born of the desire to create a space where others can learn about Giulia’s latest projects and find answers to “What are you doing next?”, a question she is often is asked by the people she meets at her lectures and on her seminars.

Her hope is that WONDERFEAST can satisfy your appetite for art history, travel, food, and friendship – the most delicious things in life.