You loved the art history class you took years ago in college and wish you could remember what you learned so that you can apply it to that trip you’re planning to Europe…

A WONDERFEAST seminar not only immerses you in art, culture, and food but your rich itinerary is carefully constructed with the aim of giving you a wide array of delights you would never find on your own.

Come join us for an unforgettable feast of the senses in Rome, Naples, Venice, or Paris. Click on the images or seminar titles below for details and descriptions.


Venice: Riches of La Serenissima, June 1-9 or June 9-17, 2023

Riches of La Serenissima: an on-site art seminar in Venice, Italy, with Giulia Bernardini (June 1-9 [4 spots remaining] or June 9-17 [8 spots remaining], 2023) Eight days in Venice?! YES!! Unlike most visitors who blow through this stunning city in a day and a half - missing 95% of what it has to offer [...]


Naples: The City and Campania, May 21-29, 2023

The City and Campania: an on-site art seminar in Naples, Italy, with Giulia Bernardini (May 21-29, 2023) SOLD OUT Join Giulia for a brand new seminar featuring in-depth explorations of the stunning, under-explored city of Naples and  surrounding region of Campania. For eight days, we will feast on world-class museums like the famed Museo Archeologico [...]


Paris: Modernity and the belle époque

Modernity and the belle époque: an on-site art seminar in Paris, France, with Giulia Bernardini Immerse yourself in the art and architecture of the Parisian belle époque - the turbulent decades of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Explore major and less-known works by artists at museums and sites including the Orsay, Marmottan Monet, Orangerie, Rodin, Louvre, Montmartre and [...]


Rome: Patrons, Artists, and Private Palazzi

Patrons, Artists, and Private Palazzi: an on-site art seminar in Rome, Italy, with Giulia Bernardini Highlights may include: the hidden underground rooms of emperor Nero's Domus Aurea, the treasure-lined halls of the Capitoline Museums, dizzying frescoes in the normally off-limits Palazzo Farnese, enjoy a cooking class and lunch at l'Orto di Alberico on the famed Via [...]